Build In A Failsafe

Build In A Failsafe

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ANOTHER trick to avoid procrastination is to set yourself up for success rather than failure.

By thinking in advance about what you need to do you can design ways to ensure the actions are completed regardless of your procrastination.

In fact, the effort it would take to undo your failsafe is not worth it – you would just procrastinate over trying to procrastinate.

So instead of trying to start the habit of paying 50 quid into your savings account each month, set up your own standing order.

Once it is done, the money is moved for you. It is still there and you can get at it if you want – you would just have to do something to get at it.

Maybe it is healthier lunches – pack them the night before so they are just grab-and-go from your fridge in the morning rather than a trip to the chippie.

Or set an alarm on your phone for something other than getting up in the morning – maybe when it is time to take a 15-minute walk around the office block.

These tricks help create new habits which stop the opportunity for procrastination to creep in.

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