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We have gathered together various resources that sit in other parts of the site for you to find support, ideas and inspiration during this pancession


Thrive Offerings

Executive coaching and business planning for the new world: working with a number of CEOs/Managing Partners as a coach, advisor, sounding board, supporter and challenger, at this time. As an extension of this, working with leaders and their teams to develop “new world” business plans.

Team support and coaching in times of change and crisis: offering a 60 minute webinar for leadership teams “Managing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt”. This is free of charge to contacts. Other group sessions that are popular at the moment include “Improving Decision Making”; “Understanding Our Team’s Approach to Change”; “The Five Keys”; and “Building Business in 2020 – how to grow business when you can’t meet for lunch.”. Group coaching generally is proving particularly valuable.

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Outplacement and transition coaching: worked in this space for over 15 years, bringing executive experience, recruitment and headhunting background, and deep understanding around emotional and behavioural change.
Business planning and advisory offering
Outplacement and transition offering


Two Minute Book Summaries of Excellent Books

These books are “go to” recommendations for executive coaching clients. But not everyone loves to read… These short reviews should give some benefit even if you can’t read them in full – which I would still urge you to do. PDFs are also available on request:

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
The Happiness Track by Emma Seppälä
Emotional Agility by Susan David
Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Two Minute Book Summaries of Excellent Books



thrive in five

Thrive in Five newsletters, sharing five thoughts or ideas on various subjects, are published each month. The reading room contains older versions but here are the ones for this year, starting with the idea that we focus on doing less, not more. Too many highly successful people, including coaching clients, can feel like they are walking the burnout tightrope in a world which never, ever stops.

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The Five Keys

Our ability to deal with change is the key to personal success and professional happiness.

These Five Keys have been developed to support our growth in the face of persistent change in our VUCA world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. They are drawn from work with hundreds of leaders and their teams, both in crisis and in successful times; from my own change journey; and from the investment in learning about business success, including an MBA, over the past 20 years.

5 keys



Anti-racism & diversity

Diversity and inclusion and belonging are higher on the agenda than they have been for some time. At Thrive, we are focused on developing strong anti-racist thinking and approaches. This journey started three years ago. We can share examples of what and how we are doing with those majority white clients who are interested. Gender equality is another area of expertise.

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