Don’t Get Stuck on the Job

Looking at Things Backwards

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How often do we back ourselves into a corner – or rather into an either/or situation?

It must be this or this… When, of course, it could be this or this or this…

We either need to fire them or to keep them……

Or perhaps we could find a third option – change the role or talk it through with them perhaps?

Do not be afraid of legal hiccups – great employment lawyer will always find a pragmatic solution but you are rarely penalised for open conversations.

I love using decision trees with clients. Working through a decision tree does not mean that you won’t fire them, but it means you are more likely to conclude firing them was the right thing to do for everyone, rather than the only resort you have.

Generally, it is so rare that we truly face a binary decision. It is when we feel trapped we feel we are in that place where it is either/or.

Yet working through a decision tree helps us explore the core issue which lets us see other options and other branches of the tree.

Take back control from inevitable poor management and enjoy healthy, thought through, open decisions.

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