See The Change You Are Making

See The Change You Are Making

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WE fool ourselves about our ability to remember.

We generally do not – we need to set clues to remind ourselves of what we have pledged to do.

I have been meaning to go swimming for two months now. Most nights I say to myself I am going to do it tomorrow.

And I have every intention to do so – it is not fooling myself or lying.

But come the morning it is not even that I have decided not to do so – I am so busy going through my long-established routine I simply do not remember my promise to myself.

Until that night, when it is too late and I make the same promise again for tomorrow.

For me, I need to put it in my calendar – right there, against a time, in between that meeting with my manager and that plate of elephant I need to eat one bite at a time.

And it would help if I left my swimming kit by the front door, or on the passenger seat of the car so it is right there in front of me.


Good, let’s go and get a few lengths done.

What is the best visual reminder for you? There was a good reason people knotted their hankies to help them remember things.

Today we have smartphones so there really is no excuse.

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