Small Things That Can Make a Surprising Difference

Small Things That Can Make a Surprising Difference

1 MinutesIn Change

One of my friends recently confessed by way of Facebook – complete with a screenshot – to having spent the afternoon arranging his smartphone’s apps by colour.

The screen we saw showed a careful spectrum of blue boxes, starting with light shades at the top and working down to more urgent dark shades at the bottom.

Take out your phone.

Look at the icons on it.

How many pages of icons do you have?

How are they organised?

How many have you never used?

How many are rarely used?

Are your most used easy to find?

Take 20 to 30 minutes to sort this out. Delete. Collapse. Reorder. Refresh.

Then every time you pick up your phone, notice how much more in control you feel. Notice how light it feels when you can find the icons you need straightaway. Notice how it feels when there isn’t lots of clutter. Notice how it feels to be able to find what you want immediately when you want it.

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