The Day That Happens After You Have Planned Your Day

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I just broke texting etiquette. I received a text – a really kind and generous tax from a good friend that I loved and cared about.

So I wanted to send a ‘proper’ reply – not a rushed one – so I did not reply straightaway…

And so in that classic standing-in-the-shower moment, it suddenly popped into my head I had still not replied.

So after the wonderful text I received I finally replied – eight days later. I have been suitably apologetic but I so wish I had replied on the day and followed my usual plan.

I do plan my day every day but I also know that my day happens after I planned it…

What I did not do after getting the kind text is to make a note to reply to her… And because it was not on my original planning list I totally forgot.

My tip – when an email or text comes in that you want to reply to but cannot there and then, have a tracking system, preferably that does not involve scrolling through your inbox. I have always added an emailer’s name to my action list for the day – now I do for my texting contacts too.

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