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The Unconscious Habits of Teams

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Some questions to answer to uncover some of the unconscious habits in your team.

If culture is “the way we do things around here”, then it’s the team’s habits that create the culture. And it is often the unconscious habits of teams that determine whether that culture is excellent or merely ordinary.

What does your team do when…..the start time for a meeting arrives?….they finish a call?….they arrive in the morning?….a client complains?….they open their inbox (and when do they do this)?….a client says positive things?…..they reach a target?….they are falling short of target?….at lunchtime?……a meeting is cancelled?….a meeting ends?….their day ends (and when does it end)?

Who is leading the way in maintaining these team habits?

What do you actually want the team to be doing, saying, thinking about, creating, feeling or sharing at these times? Pick one habit you want the team to change.

Be intentional about your team’s habits; change the culture of your team.

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