While Our Future Self Wants To Be Trim And Fit, Our Present Self Wants A Doughnut.

Thrive in Five: February

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Focusing on goals without focusing on systems means that when the goal is reached, there are no behaviours or habits to sustain it, just a new goal to set. And it is possible to reach goals without good systems, sometimes. 3.5 minutes from James Clear on why systems, not goals, are the key to high performance over time.

Working with teams to commit to the systems to achieve the goals – not simply committing to the goals themselves – is vital to sustain high performance and avoid burn out; I love doing this work.

Even mild dehydration affects our mood and brain function. Every time you make a tea/coffee, get a water as well; every time you order a tea or coffee, ask for a tap water.

Hoping it’s not just me……Why you’re hooked on Amazon Prime

Two thought provoking, challenging but unusually quick reads about various aspects of the society we live in. “This is Going to Hurt” by Adam Kay, doctor turned comedian and “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race” by Renni Eddo-Lodge, author turned activist.


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