While Our Future Self Wants To Be Trim And Fit, Our Present Self Wants A Doughnut.

Thrive in Five: Let there be light

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Hope your week has been decent and this month’s newsletter brings some further light.

Watch this emotional 2.5 minutes from Ian Wright to be reminded how we can impact other people for life if we believe in them, whether as a partner, boss, mentor, teacher or friend.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Sage advice from Dr Seuss, particularly for the empaths amongst us.  Here are 19 other inspiring quotes.

Seven steps to make you happy all day.

The BBC has created five, 15 minute episodes of Michelle Obama reading “Becoming”. As much as I find her inspiring, the book feels too long to read. This episode is when, at Sidley & Austin, Barack became her mentee summer student.

Create a list of the things that give you energy – have two columns, “immediate energy” and “delayed energy”.

My immediate list includes places, people to speak to or text, making a cup of tea, a particular playlist for energy boosts, reading pages from certain books, certain websites, etc.  I can do them in the moment, for an immediate return. My delayed list includes booking live music gigs, getting tickets to live sports, sending someone a book – I can plan for these things but can’t get the impact of them straight away.

The trick here is to pay attention to the things that give us energy and to constantly update the lists. Even if these things might be strange to others (smelling rosemary for any of you?!) having a ‘go to’ list of personal energy boosters is a powerful self-help tool.

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