While Our Future Self Wants To Be Trim And Fit, Our Present Self Wants A Doughnut.

Thrive in Five: Systems not Results

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I don’t know about you, but I was grateful for the beautiful sunshine yesterday. It made up for the terrible football result the night before, for the Manchester City season ticket holders amongst us…I’m a big fan of Pep’s focus on systems not results, but that was a disaster for the system and the result! I shall move swiftly on to this month’s Thrive in Five:

It would have been nowhere near as inspirational if he had said “I have a plan”. As we mark fifty years since his assassination, a four minute clip of one of the greatest speeches in history, Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream”.

Making artificial and natural intelligence ethics and developments digestible, Joanna Bryson’s curated tweets provide quality daily highlights.

Want to have better 1:1 meetings with your team? Try asking a different set of questions.

A five minute article to support you decluttering your psyche for Spring

I’ve been knee deep in transactional analysis books this month, which I would recommend if you are frustrated with team relationships where you repeatedly have unproductive conversations. Simple PDF here.
I had the opportunity to be interviewed on Sheffield Live – I’m a University of Sheffield alumnus – and quite enjoyed talking with Jamie Veitch. Far more enjoyable than doing live TV (note that Im not including any links here!).

Hope the weekend is all you want it to be.


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