we are inspired by people.

We are inspired by people

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Each person is unique and each person brings their unique talents, skills and passions to work with them each day.

Yet most businesses have little or no interest in the person behind the job, forever focusing on what they get wrong or are weak at doing.

Thrive is inspired by what people can do – not what they cannot.

We are excited to help businesses look afresh at their most valuable resource, their own people.

Unlocking the hidden talents and developing strengths is inspiring.

Not just from some sense of altruism or philanthropy, but because unleashed those talents can soar to the benefit of the person, their team and their company.

Ultimately to the benefit of each and every stakeholder the business touches.

Thrive is inspired to help place people in the right combinations so those strengths are multiplied many times. Now your people are your teams of people, working together.

When there is no physical product to touch, see or feel to sell, then your people’s strengths are everything to and for your business.

Thrive is inspired to create the right culture and provide the right support for your people to become your best people – each and every one of them until all your people are your best people.

Seth Godin – his passion is to help people succeed as he has done – by turning thoughts into action, or as he says ‘get your thing out there’. He practices what he preaches – he would rather ensure a rough-and-ready daily blog is ready and waiting for you than carefully-honed words appearing here and there. His daily blog is the perfect length, often inspiring or thought provoking, and always comes at things from the point of view of wanting us as the reader to succeed

The Pool – written almost exclusively by women for women who are busy, smart, curious, keen to be hip but happy to be square. Not at all one dimensional but instead factoring the myriad of roles that we often play – leader, lover, chef, cleaner, educator, learner, icon, object. It is not a ‘worthy’ site and simply recognises women for the complex lives they lead but is still fun.

Google Primer – a hidden gem inside Google’s growing product offering, Primer is a smart way to learn about social marketing in small and easily-digestible chunks. It is free to use and a perfect way to use otherwise-dead time waiting for tasks to be completed. Primer has a knack of breaking down complex matters into thought-provoking and simple steps to help you understand.

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