Prioritise, Prioritise, Prioritise

When you’re stuck in a rut: 5 questions to create action

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The saying goes that the mark of a professional is “the ability to do the right things even when you don’t feel like doing them”. On those days when we aren’t “feeling” it, here are five questions to help you take the actions to change your feelings:

1. Make it easy/feel good
Which clients do you most enjoy work with and why? Think about type of work, people, pricing/profit, reward, status, profile, intellectual stimulation, etc.
Write these things down – it is harder to see patterns in our head.
When you group these clients, is there anything else that comes to mind?
What target clients could potentially meet these criteria?

2. Work out what is not working
Review the clients/projects/deals that you feel drain your energy.
Why is this?
Again, write down what the elements are.

3. Create an energising future
12 months from now, what would you like to be different or the same in your
– types of work – what type of work do you want to do more, less or keep doing.
– mix of this work – ideally what proportions will these types of work look like, over a 12 month period
– active client list

4. What one action can you take today?
How do your answers in 3 compare to where you are now?
What one thing can you do now to start creating that shift? What one thing will you do tomorrow?
Who can you call, speak to, email, research? What can you write? What piece of marketing can you create? Which clients do you need to stop meeting with/price so high you don’t get engaged/propose other providers to? What type of work might you start to say that you don’t do anymore and suggest who can do it instead, whether inside or outside of your business?
However big or small the gap feels between where you are and where you want to be, the only thing that will shift it are the daily actions you take.
There aren’t any short cuts here. How do you eat the elephant? One bite at a time.

5. Don’t get stuck again
Keep this checklist handy so that you refine and add to it regularly.
And think about who energises you, and can give you ideas and energy when you get stuck. Make time to catch up with them on a regular basis to avoid getting stuck again.


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