While Our Future Self Wants To Be Trim And Fit, Our Present Self Wants A Doughnut.

While Our Future Self Wants To Be Trim And Fit, Our Present Self Wants A Doughnut.

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PROCRASTINATION scuppers so many of our good intentions and carefully-made plans.

This blog should have been written weeks ago – not only promised to myself by myself but to someone else as well.

But ‘things’ got in the way. Some ‘things’ may have been understandable and necessary – others must certainly were not.

Playing with my children I defend – they are only young once – but watching that repeat of a five-year-old property flipping show I have seen before really was not the best use of my time.

But why do we procrastinate so much? Why do we delay doing the inevitable? We know the task must be completed. Many of us even quite like doing the task we have been putting off when we get around to starting it. A clean room, getting on top of the filing, tidying the garden, getting into the gym workout. A sense of satisfaction and a feeling of a job well done is highly pleasing – why can’t I just do this more often?

But starting that task is simply something we look for any reason not to do.

In the following series of blogs we hope to explore why we procrastinate and some ways we can overcome this most basic of instincts. Grateful to the wonderful James Clear, Gretchen Rubin and Kelly Exeter for their inspiration and ideas in constructing them.

Provided I get on and complete the task and do not let myself get distracted. Maybe I will get right onto it – after I have paired all these socks in the laundry.

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